Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hit me with your ideas and suggestions!

I asked one of my Facebook Groups for ideas/suggestions for this blog. My question to them was "If you could ask your HR Manager anything and get an honest, unbiased answer, what would it be?".

The suggestions are below and will form the topics for future posts. Do you have any others to add?

- How to resolve grievances successfully
- Pumping/lactation rights at work
- Redundancy during maternity leave
- How to request Flexible Working Arrangements
- How are others in my same role paid? Is it the same as me?
- Why is there a gender pay gap and what can be done about it?
- How salary packages are benchmarked or compared with the market
- How to ask for a pay rise
- Compressed working weeks
- How to make job sharing work (tips and tricks)

Photo credit: Horia Varlan via Visualhunt / CC BY

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