Saturday, 14 May 2016

What is Emotional Intelligence and MSCEIT?

By now I'm sure you have heard of "Emotional Intelligence" (EI) and you may have even been asked to complete a "MSCEIT" during a job interview process. So what is it?

MSCEIT is an assessment, usually done online, that can assess and develop emotional intelligence ability across four areas:

  • Recognising your own and others’ emotions
  • Using emotions in problem solving
  • Understanding emotions and how emotions may change
  • Managing your own and others’ emotions

EI is seen by many as the key differentiator between a good Manager and a great Leader.

The best way to improve your EI is to practice developing in these areas. There are a lot of tools available online to do this, but here are just a few quick tips:

Recognising your own and others’ emotions
Next time you are in a meeting, especially an emotive one, make a point of asking yourself what emotions are at play for yourself and others. A step further would be to consider your emotions BEFORE and AFTER the meeting and write this down. It seems simplistic, but this easy step will give you a start on the path of recognising emotions which, over time, will become an unconscious skill

Using emotions in problem solving
Similarly, next time you have a major problem to solve, include emotions as a factor in your thinking about the best outcome. It can help to write down the names of the people involved and how the problem/outcome is likely to impact them

Understanding emotions and how emotions may change
This basically means trying to anticipate emotions. So, if you need to let someone know they can now work shorter hours,and for that person it means a loss of pay and be a negative experience. Maybe that same person 2 years down the track with small children would view that positively.

Managing your own and other's emotions
This is very difficult to do if you first don't recognise and understand the emotions at play! So try the other steps first, and once you recognise and understand, then managing becomes relatively easy.

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