Thursday, 4 August 2016

Do you know your job outlook?

Stuck in a rut?

No idea if you want to change careers completely or look for a new job?

I came across "Job Outlook" which is an Australian Government website designed to give lots of information about different occupations, but it also has  a quick "career quiz" you can take to try and hone in on what you like to do.

The quiz splits your answers into 6 components:
  • practical
  • technical
  • creative
  • administrative
  • people
  • helping

It is pretty simplistic, but for a 3 minute survey you really can't expect it to be too indepth ;)
What it may do is help to affirm that you are in the right kind of career, or give you some ideas of other professions that may suit you.

As you then explore the different areas of the site, there is information by industry and profession like the job prospects over the next few years, the different skills that are important to those roles, and the ability to search for jobs and training. 

 Unfortunately I couldn't find a summary of the top careers on the website, but did find one that CareersFAQ had put together from the data which has the top 10 careers (those projected to ‘grow very strongly’ over the coming years) as: 

  • Graphic/web designer and illustrator 
  •  Psychologist 
  •  Fitness instructor 
  •  Nursing support and personal care worker 
  •  General manager 
  •  Veterinary nurse 
  •  Welfare support worker 
  •  Mining engineer 
  •  Human resource professional 
  •  ICT manager 
 Other jobs expected to ‘grow strongly’: 

  •  Marketing professional 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Architect and landscape architect 
  • Beauty therapist 
  • Child carer 
  • Nutritionist

What do you think? Is your job on the list?

Note: This post is in no way sponsored and purely provided for general information purposes

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