My aim with this blog is to give the power to YOU, the employees to learn about HR. 

What can YOU do to make your employment experience a better one. 

Be it how to:

  • ask for a salary increase, 
  • request more flexible hours, 
  • approach a performance review,
  • give feedback to your boss (or your bosses boss!),
  • attend an internal job interview,
  • accept a performance improvement plan, or
  • decide if it is time to accept an exit package

HR Managers are taught in University that HR encompasses four roles:

1. Change Agent
2. Business Partner
3. Employee Champion
4. Administrative Expert

This is based on the work by Dave Ulrich And so often HR Managers spend the majority of their time in category number 4. This is why employees and Managers alike get so frustrated with their HR teams.

The most difficult place to spend time is Employee Champion. This is because the HR Manager reports to the CEO/MD, right? How can they therefore champion the employee's wants and needs? It is a very difficult task and often means your HR Manager can't make anyone in the organisation satisfied with the service they are offering.

Having spent over 15 years in HR Management roles, I can give you some general information and useful links. This is not legal advice, nor is it aimed to understand your individual situation and needs (so remember, you can't sue me), but I hope you find it useful nonetheless.

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